Renault Koleos

Behind its chic urban styling, Koleos has the DNA of a true 4X4.

sleek appearance and athletic curves

Experience every day as a new adventure and go off the beaten track with All Mode 4x4-i technology. Simply flip the switch located next to the steering wheel to change from 2WD to Lock mode and benefit from permanent full transmission to help deal with obstacles.
The raised seating position lets you master the road, and the architecture of the driving position bordered by the central console reinforces the feeling of protection. Grab handles serve as a reminder you’re in a real 4X4

Renault Koleos

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Renault Koleos
renault Koleos

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The Koleos range features Smartphone mirroring with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® compatibility for a better connected experience. It’s a ’capacitive’ touchscreen, which means it’s easy to use. Simply drag, pinch, or swipe to navigate the same way you would on a tablet or smart phone. With Renault Koleos, the city is as easy to cross as it is to impress.

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Renault Koleos

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